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“Satori Academy is Recruiting….”

They consist of a group of highly experienced world competition level skydivers. The team was formed in 2007 with the aim to bring together the UK's finest skydiving talents to compete at National and International level open class (male and female members) skydiving competitions. Since then they have broken many records, attended two World Championships and won numerous medals.

4-way Formation Skydiving (4-way). The most popular of the parachuting sports, 4-way is fast, furious and highly competitive. Teams of 4 aerial athletes exit the plane at 10,500 feet and race through a sequence of formations in free-fall, against the clock. Each jump is filmed from above by a camera flyer, and this footage is used to score the team.

Last Updated: 30th Sept 2014

31 Sep 14    Satori Academy 8 Way win Bronze at British Nationals.

31 Sep 14    Satori Academy Teams compete at the British Nationals.

31 Aug 13    Satori Academy win Silver Medal for 8 Way Skydiving Championships.

24 Aug 13    Satori Team win 4 Way British Nationals for 5th consecutive Year.

03 Aug 13:   Satori Azure Team takes Bronze in Hibaldstow Cup competition.

Aug 2013:    Satori takes 5 Academy teams to British Nationals.

Feb 2013:    6 Satori Academy Teams have now been formed and training will soon begin for   the British Nationals!

Aug 2012:    Satori wins Bronze Medal at World Cup Championships, First Brit medal since   1979

Aug 2012:    Satori wins Bronze Medal at European Cup Championships

Aug 2012:   Satori wins British National Championships for 4th year in a row!

Aug 2012:   Satori takes 10 Academy teams to British Nationals. 72 teams competed making it the biggest nationals ever!

May 2012:   Satori Academy has a great camp in Seville with 5 teams and over 1000 jumps made!

April 2012:   Satori Academy has a successful camp in Seville with 5 teams completing 1000 jumps!

19 Mar 12:  Satori Academy - 10 new teams have been formed, training begins this month!!

19 Mar 12:  Satori win the fastest rounds, twice at the Paraclete XP competition in Deland

24 Dec 11:  Jan 12 Satori Academy  try outs - Airkix MK.

12 Nov 11:  Sponsors updated.

25 Aug 11:  2011 Satori Academy Round Up - go to the 2011 Academy homepage.

17 Aug 11:  The Satori Academy are recruiting for 2012.

15 Aug 11:  Satori become the 2011 British 4-Way Skydiving Champions, taking Gold in AAA scoring 196pts, with a 25pt lead.     Satori have now been selected to represent  Great Britain at the  World Championships in Dubai in 2012.

15 Aug 11:  Satori RED take silver in AA scoring 100pts with a 12.5 average.

15 Aug 11:  Satori BLUE take Bronze in Rookie scoring 54pts with a 7.7 average.

21 Jul 11:    Team Satori announce their 6-Way Formation Skydiving event, to be held at Skydive Spain in Seville  from 28 - 31    Dec 11, this fun new event is open to all.

20 Jul 11:   Unagi, coached by Julia Foxwell complete their last training camp at Skydive Hibaldstow before departing on their  first World Cup in Saarlouis, Germany 1 - 7 August 2011.  Follow the meet:

17 Jul 11:   Satori RED take bronze at the Hib UKSL, pictures to follow!

17 Jun 11:  Satori RED page updated.

04 Jun 11:  please feel free to leave your comments.

21/28 May 11:  The Satori Academy RED/BLUE/GREEN/PURPLE/YELLOW 4-way teams train with Satori in Seville, follow the         Academy pagefor more details.

08 May 11:  Satori YELLOW take bronze in A, at the Netheravon UKSL - awesome!

03 April 11:  Satori place 8th at the Bedford Indoor Skydiving World Challange with a 24.2 average.

February 11:  Ian Hodgkinson (Milko) joins Satori.

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Team Satori are the 5 times  National Champions 4-way formation skydiving team.

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